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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Website Resources for Wire Jewelry Pattern

Website Resources for Wire Jewelry Pattern#

Here is my list of Website where i can refer on how to do new pattern in creating Wire Jewelry. Hope this resources also useful for you out there.

1. Wire Jewelry Making Project - Learn about wire wrapping, making your own jump rings and clasps, knitting and crocheting with wire, and even making chain maille jewelry!

2. Enioken - Make your own precious jewelry, few free lesson and tutorials by Eni Oken.

3. Bead with Swarovski - Create your own style of beading.

4. Robyn's Pattern - Check her pattern gallery for your reference.

5. Beading and Macrame - New Style of Beading at White Swan Website.

6. Bead Pattern Central - Bead Pattern Project to be downloaded.

...Will add up more if i found new useful reference on how to start new hobbies by making a wire Jewelry.

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