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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

5 Valentine's Day Craft Ideas#

We could all spend a little extra on a really nice meal or buying your partner some perfume that they really like. But if you really want to show your partner your romantic side then why not also present her or him with a gift that you have made yourself. Not to mention it can be loads of fun. Below we provide 5 different Valentine's Day craft ideas which you may want to consider trying for this coming February 14th.

1. Candy Filled Heart - Take some white or pink paper (not too thick and not too thin) and cut out two identically shaped hearts. Then take one heart and decorate this using glitter etc, and when dried attach to the other but leave the top of the heart open so that you can place a number of beautifully made heart shaped chocolates inside. Then seal and present to your loved one.

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Valentine's Day Craft Idea - How to Make a Candy Heart

2. Heart In Your Hands - For this you will need to scan your hand into a computer and then using a program such as ClipArt or PhotoShop place a heart in the center of the palm. Then very steadily insert a picture of your loved one into the center of the heart and on it place the saying "You Have My Heart in Your Hands". Once prepared, print off the picture onto some heat transfer material and then transfer the image on to a piece of clothing of your choice.

3. Mouse pad - If your partner spends hours at their computer each day why not present them with a mouse pad on which you can place a message of love that they will be able to read and treasure throughout the year. To make it even more special why not go for a heart shaped one rather than the more traditional square or oblong ones.

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How to make a Mouse Pad Cover

4. Love Scrapbook - If you have the time why not make up a book of the time that you have been together and which you can then present to your loved one on Valentine's Day. It is a good idea to keep hold of little mementos from days that you have spent together such as ticket stubs of places that you visited (cinemas, theatres etc). Also, include within some pictures and words that mean things to you.

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Scrapbook Paper 3-D Valentine's Heart

5. Valentine's Wreath - Again if you have time get hold of some various sized wooden hearts and then paint them. Ideally use colors such as pink, red and white for them and then write words that are important and special to you both. Once dried stick them onto a grapevine wreath and add a ribbon to it so that it can be hung up for all to see.

Along with the Valentine's Day craft ideas we have provided above for you, a quick search of the internet and you will find plenty more. Making something yourself will really show the person to whom you are giving the gift just how much they really mean to you. It's often the effort that shows the love.

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How to Make a Heart of Roses Wreath

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