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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bernat Free Crochet Pattern

Bernat Free Crochet Pattern#

Click this link >> Bernat

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EMS Cross Stitch Design

EMS Cross Stitch Design#

Click this Link >> Free Pattern at Ellen Maurer-Stroh Cross Stitch Design

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Free Pattern at CyberStitchers

Free Pattern at CyberStitchers#

Need to have PCStitch Program to download the Attach Pattern

Check this Link >> Free Cyber Stitchers Cross Stitch Pattern

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Free Cross Stitch Charts from Ant Of Sweden

Free Cross Stitch Charts from Ant Of Sweden#

Click This Link >> Ant Of Sweden

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Craft Design for You

Craft Design for You#

Click this Link >> FREE Cross Stitch Patterns of Cats, Dogs, Snowmen,Sweet Sentiments and More!

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1-2-3 Stitch!

1-2-3 Stitch!#

Click This Link >> 1-2-3 Free Cross Stitch Goodies from 1-2-3 Stitch!

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How To Make Origami Flowers

How To Make Origami Flowers#

Origami is a Japanese word meaning the art of folding papers into shapes to create decorative objects. Learning how to make origami flowers will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Any local hobby, or art store would carry the specific color or colors of origami paper that you may need to construct your flowers. You can use regular newspaper but it is usually too thick for the folding process, however the specialized origami paper is thin enough and cut to the right size and shape.

When making an origami flower this is exactly what is done and for these origami flowers only a few tools are needed. Aside from origami paper the only tools you need are; a pair of scissors, a pencil, and a ruler.

One of the easiest origami flowers to make is the rose. Four sheets of origami paper are needed, one sheet for the leaves (green) and three sheets for the flower (red). The second red piece is about three quarters the length of the first, and the third is about three quarters the length of the second one. The fourth square (the green one) is the same size as the largest red piece. Origami square base is the pattern that will be used to fold all three of the red pieces. This process is very simple once you learn it.

Take one square and fold it on the diagonals, then on the East-West line and the North-south line.

Make sure that the colored side is facing upwards. Now fold the diagonals as the valley goes (downward), and the East-West and North-South as the mountain goes (upward). Repeat this process on the other 2 red pieces.

Make an imaginary line through the paper, then fold and unfold the right corner of the base to the middle of the imaginary line. Next fold the edge onto the crease mark you made and unfold it. And then you can fold the right edge to the left, and repeat this process on the reverse side. Perform the same steps on the other two pieces of red origami paper. Then, put the rose petal forms inside one another to giving your flower a 3D look. Lastly, shape the green paper to make leaves and put it underneath all the red pedals for a beautiful flower.

Origami flower art is an inexpensive hobby that can be very rewarding. It's not hard to learn, once you get the right directions, and it's very much fun to do. One or two hours spend on learning these processes is approximately all the time it would take. The creation of origami flowers gets faster the more of these lovely flowers you make.

Erich Simko is an avid and enthusiastic Paper Flower creator, Origamist and Arts and Crafts buff. Learning these skills in particular has helped him through difficult times in his life and he believes it will bring much joy to your life as well. To receive more proper instructions with illustrations than this article allows to explain, Erich invites you to visit this fabulous resource to learn How To Make Origami Flowers.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Erich_Simko

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Origami Kusadama Flowers

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u-n-me bouquet

Origami Standard Rose

more origami flower Click to this link....

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5 Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

5 Valentine's Day Craft Ideas#

We could all spend a little extra on a really nice meal or buying your partner some perfume that they really like. But if you really want to show your partner your romantic side then why not also present her or him with a gift that you have made yourself. Not to mention it can be loads of fun. Below we provide 5 different Valentine's Day craft ideas which you may want to consider trying for this coming February 14th.

1. Candy Filled Heart - Take some white or pink paper (not too thick and not too thin) and cut out two identically shaped hearts. Then take one heart and decorate this using glitter etc, and when dried attach to the other but leave the top of the heart open so that you can place a number of beautifully made heart shaped chocolates inside. Then seal and present to your loved one.

Related link taken from : Trish's Crafts

Valentine's Day Craft Idea - How to Make a Candy Heart

2. Heart In Your Hands - For this you will need to scan your hand into a computer and then using a program such as ClipArt or PhotoShop place a heart in the center of the palm. Then very steadily insert a picture of your loved one into the center of the heart and on it place the saying "You Have My Heart in Your Hands". Once prepared, print off the picture onto some heat transfer material and then transfer the image on to a piece of clothing of your choice.

3. Mouse pad - If your partner spends hours at their computer each day why not present them with a mouse pad on which you can place a message of love that they will be able to read and treasure throughout the year. To make it even more special why not go for a heart shaped one rather than the more traditional square or oblong ones.

Related link taken from : Twelve22.org

How to make a Mouse Pad Cover

4. Love Scrapbook - If you have the time why not make up a book of the time that you have been together and which you can then present to your loved one on Valentine's Day. It is a good idea to keep hold of little mementos from days that you have spent together such as ticket stubs of places that you visited (cinemas, theatres etc). Also, include within some pictures and words that mean things to you.

Related link taken from : CraftIdeas.info

Scrapbook Paper 3-D Valentine's Heart

5. Valentine's Wreath - Again if you have time get hold of some various sized wooden hearts and then paint them. Ideally use colors such as pink, red and white for them and then write words that are important and special to you both. Once dried stick them onto a grapevine wreath and add a ribbon to it so that it can be hung up for all to see.

Along with the Valentine's Day craft ideas we have provided above for you, a quick search of the internet and you will find plenty more. Making something yourself will really show the person to whom you are giving the gift just how much they really mean to you. It's often the effort that shows the love.

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How to Make a Heart of Roses Wreath

Jason Parker is a rep at St Valentine's Day Gift Baskets where the sweetest and tastiest gift baskets are available.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jason_S._Parker

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Got Knitting Questions? I Have Answers!

Got Knitting Questions? I Have Answers!#

One of the things I love about knitting is that there is always something new to know about! So much information is out there, in magazines, knitting books, websites; it can become confusing very quickly if you don't know just what is basic to your knitting needs.

After all, do you really need to know what brand of lighted knitting needles to purchase or which brand of silk yarn will knit up best with that advanced pattern you found, when you still want not-so-advanced information?

In this article, I've searched my files for the best basics for knitters! When you have this knowledge, so much of the rest will begin to make better sense.

Knitting Needle basics. There are the straight needles we all know and use, but what do you do with double-pointed & circular needles? Double pointed needles come in sets of four or five and are used to make items such as mittens, socks, and other round pieces. Circular needles are used when casting on a large number of stitches, i.e. 100 or more, and then you "knit in the round". When you knit a large afghan or sweater, circular needles are wonderful. They are easy on your fingers, and can be taken anywhere.

Yarn basics. Does it matter which yarn I knit with? It sure does! With so many yarns available these days, choosing what to use can be a dilemma. So, I recommend read your instructions and read the yarn labels. There's a whole host of info on those yarn labels. When knitting baby items, use soft sport yarn or fine or fingering yarn. For sweaters use worsted yarn. For afghans, worsted, wool, DK or Aran yarn works best. For rugs or sturdy jackets, use bulky or chunky yarns. Be sure to find out how much yarn comes with each skein, as each project calls for a specific amount of yarn, and each skein/ball of yarn is different. Always buy enough yarn in the same dye lots, even if you have to buy one extra, just to be sure. In time, you'll have quite a stash of extra yarn and that's when you can use your best knitting creativity to use those all up!

Gauge basics. I see the word "gauge" in every pattern I find. Is it that important? It depends. If you are knitting a scarf or place-mats or other specialty items, then gauge is not that important. But, for items to wear or even afghans, it is very important to know how many stitches per inch and per row, you are knitting with. The required gauge is always specified in every pattern, and before you begin that project, make a gauge swatch to measure correctness. If your gauge numbers are too small, try using larger needles and vice versa. Some knitters knit more tightly than others, so never go by what someone else's knitting produces.

It is mastering the basics, whether they be for knitting, cooking, painting, mothering, or brain surgery, that will make all the rest easy to do!

Remember, when you get to know the basics, you can create a world of knitting magic for yourself, that you will find, is just what you have been looking for! Knitting........enjoy!

Want to use this article for your blog or website? You can, you know, as long as you include this disclaimer in your article: Keep YOUR knitting on the "Cutting Edge" with FREE patterns. The place where smart knitters gather resources and share stories. FR.EE Details ==>http://www.theknitstitch.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Alice_Seidel

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Creating Embroidery Patterns By Freehand

Creating Embroidery Patterns By Freehand#

Have you thought about all the new designs that are on the shelves and just who is the one that puts them there? Most human beings are curious about these things because of human nature. People have the frame of mind for searching endlessly which is very tiring when it used for styles of a contemporary fashion. Thinking back to the past, you will note that a free hand design in embroidery was a large form of expression. This free hand form goes back to the time of 3000 BC.

There are several ways that are used for creating free hand patterns for embroidery like the use of three dimensional threads. By using this thread, there was more character that was given to home furnishings like linen, blankets, drapes, curtains, and others. Today's Western culture boasts that needlework is done only by the women. The Victorian age of English ladies and their embroidery crafts were all the proof that was needed to support this theory.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the sewing machine was given to the world. The sewing machine went against the hand sewn designs since this was a much faster way to create the items. This equipment was not much better than free handed designs in embroidery. The sewing machine had a great impact on the ones that were operating them but, it also impacted that century’s economy.

Because of the problems with the sewing machine, a new surge of patterns for embroidery came out in full force. Some separate countries came up with their own types of designs like Danes, Hard ranger, and Hededo. Italy was not far behind when they created their own type called Reticella that was shown in all the soft details of the cutting. Some other countries in the Slavic Regions created clothing for the large parties that were adorned with the greatest items.

In Europe in the Western part, embroidery patterns

that were done by free hand were commonly shown to have wool in them. Crewel is one of the types that uses had two layers of the wool. This type of craft was already coming up to hundreds of years old. This type of embroidery was used for bed coverings and also chairs. It was also called Jacobean. This was a romantic form of the craft because each peace had a passion about it that was very obvious to the eye.

The Egyptians used shades of white in their crafting on a regular basis. Germany created Dresden that utilized lace that was sewn to a fabric that had minute outlines on it. Scotland also had a form of sewing that was called Ayrshire that was born in France. Anyone that was skilled in these would be unanimous in there decision that Ayrshire has to be the better of all the other forms.

You can also find more info on Embroidery Designs and Embroidery Digitizing. Allthingsembroidery.com is a comprehensive resource to know more aboutEmbroidery.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Faulkner

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Free Pattern For Craft

Free Pattern For Craft#

Get your Free pattern at Freepattern.com

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