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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Creating Embroidery Patterns By Freehand

Creating Embroidery Patterns By Freehand#

Have you thought about all the new designs that are on the shelves and just who is the one that puts them there? Most human beings are curious about these things because of human nature. People have the frame of mind for searching endlessly which is very tiring when it used for styles of a contemporary fashion. Thinking back to the past, you will note that a free hand design in embroidery was a large form of expression. This free hand form goes back to the time of 3000 BC.

There are several ways that are used for creating free hand patterns for embroidery like the use of three dimensional threads. By using this thread, there was more character that was given to home furnishings like linen, blankets, drapes, curtains, and others. Today's Western culture boasts that needlework is done only by the women. The Victorian age of English ladies and their embroidery crafts were all the proof that was needed to support this theory.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the sewing machine was given to the world. The sewing machine went against the hand sewn designs since this was a much faster way to create the items. This equipment was not much better than free handed designs in embroidery. The sewing machine had a great impact on the ones that were operating them but, it also impacted that century’s economy.

Because of the problems with the sewing machine, a new surge of patterns for embroidery came out in full force. Some separate countries came up with their own types of designs like Danes, Hard ranger, and Hededo. Italy was not far behind when they created their own type called Reticella that was shown in all the soft details of the cutting. Some other countries in the Slavic Regions created clothing for the large parties that were adorned with the greatest items.

In Europe in the Western part, embroidery patterns

that were done by free hand were commonly shown to have wool in them. Crewel is one of the types that uses had two layers of the wool. This type of craft was already coming up to hundreds of years old. This type of embroidery was used for bed coverings and also chairs. It was also called Jacobean. This was a romantic form of the craft because each peace had a passion about it that was very obvious to the eye.

The Egyptians used shades of white in their crafting on a regular basis. Germany created Dresden that utilized lace that was sewn to a fabric that had minute outlines on it. Scotland also had a form of sewing that was called Ayrshire that was born in France. Anyone that was skilled in these would be unanimous in there decision that Ayrshire has to be the better of all the other forms.

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